25 Tips That’ll Help You Reduce Plastic Waste


Plastic is one of the greatest dangers to the environment, since it takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. Since its invention, its use in our everyday lives has been dramatically increasing. The United Nations Environment Program estimates that the production of plastic worldwide can reach 33 billion tons by 2050, and warns people that plastic makes more than 80% of all the waste in our oceans.

While some experts believe that the way we treat waste today is not very effective, you can take some measures on your own to stop adding to this problem. We’re about to present you with 25 tips on how to achieve that. However, if you’re looking to make a drastic and impactful change, you can follow the footsteps of Lauren Singer. She managed to live waste-free for almost two years now, and you can read more about her story from her blog by clicking here.

  1. Don’t buy plastic water bottle, and always opt for a reusable one.
  2. Say no to straws. If you can’t avoid than, choose the metal ones and cut back on plastic.
  3. When wrapping a gift, opt for old newspaper and magazines instead of the traditional plastic wrapping paper. Here are some creative packaging ideas you can use.
  4. Stop using disposable plastic utensils and use stainless steel ones instead. They’re more resistant and durable and you can carry them with you.
  5. Replace all your plastic kitchen utensils such as spoons, ladles and spatulas with wooden ones for a more sustainable cooking experience.
  6. Replace the plastic ice cube trays with metal ones.
  7. Get rid of all your plastic Tupperware. It’s not made from recycled plastic and can introduce dangerous chemicals to your food. Replace them with bottles and glass or stainless steel containers.
  8. If you take your coffee to go, carry a ceramic or stainless steel thermos with you and skip the plastic and paper cups they give you at the coffee shop.
  9. Replace your plastic shower curtain with a cloth one. The former usually accumulates mold and moisture, while the cloth one is washable and therefore more hygienic. A glass shower door is also a great solution.
  10. Change your habits and carry cloth bags with you to the store. You can stop using plastic bags and can even make the cloth one from clothes you’d otherwise discard.
  11. Opt for loose tea leaves instead of tea bags.
  12. Always choose a product with cardboard or glass packaging.
  13. When possible, buy wholesale. Not only will it help you save a lot of money, you can also avoid the use of unnecessary packaging.
  14. Re-use containers you got other products in. Here are some tips on how to make us of containers you thought are nothing but trash.
  15. Avoid buying CDs and DVDs. In addition to generating more waste, these are fragile and can get damaged easily. You can download music and movies pretty much anywhere and play them on almost any device you have.
  16. When buying takeaway food, take your own reusable container with you and ask them to put your food there.
  17. If you’re a smoker, stop using plastic lighters and opt for a refillable one like a Zippo or just use matches.
  18. Avoid using cling or aluminum foil as much as you can. If you need to cover food, use a lid from a pan or a plate, and secure any jars with lids.
  19. To reduce your waste even more, don’t reuse plastic bags. Instead, use disposable paper bags, and you can even use them to fertilize any plants you might have when they break or tear.
  20. Avoid exfoliating creams that contain plastic beads. If you need to exfoliate your skin, there are more sustainable options. You can learn how to make a natural exfoliator at home.
  21. Use masking tape instead of plastic tape.
  22. Instead of using indoor air fresheners that come in plastic containers or pressurized bottles, opt for scented candles or incense. You can even make your own candles in the flavors you like. You can learn how to do it here.
  23. Make your own cleaning solutions. Besides being less toxic, you don’t need a bunch of them and you can reduce the number of unnecessary plastic bottles in your home. You can find some examples of how to make natural cleaning products here.
  24. Use cloth diapers instead of plastic ones. They’re washable, so you’ll only need a couple of them and they’ll last forever.
  25. Don’t buy disposable razors. If you can’t avoid using them, you can opt for the ones that can have their blades changes, or even ones that can be sharpened so you never have to throw them out.

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