10 Things You Can Do To Minimize Plastic Pollution


Your computer, your phone, your stuff and even your home has parts that are made of plastic. Although you get the idea that all plastic is recyclable from the media and the internet, but it’s not always the case. Only certain types of plastic can be recycled, and more than half of all discarded plastic never gets near a recycling plant.

In the United States, from the 30 million tons of waste that’s produced every year, only 7% ever gets recycled. The rest of it ends up in oceans and rivers, on beaches and in the soil. In fact, there’s an entire reef called the Pacific Garbage Patch that’s entirely made up of trash.

There are some steps you can take that, although small on their own, can help us all win the battle with pollution. Here are just some of the things you can do that’ll help you lead a more environmentally friendly life.

  1. Say no to disposable straws.

They’re the worst. Replace them with reusable metal ones that’ll help you keep your drinks fresh and uncontaminated by plastic.

  1. Use a recyclable bag

There’s one million plastic bags being used every minute in the world. Don’t contribute to this ever growing number by always carrying a reusable or a recyclable one.

  1. Say goodbye to gum

Originally, all chewing gum was made from biodegradable natural substances. Nowadays, they’re made from a virtually indestructible polymer that takes thousands of years to degrade in nature.

  1. Buy boxed detergent

When choosing a laundry detergent, opt for the one that comes in a cardboard box instead of the ones that come in plastic bags or bottles. It’s more eco-friendly and it’ll stay fresh longer.

  1. Buy everything in bulk

Avoid unnecessary packaging by buying all your groceries in bulk. Pack and carry them in cloth or paper bags to completely eliminate the need for plastic.

  1. Reuse containers

Save all glass and plastic containers you bought groceries in. You can use them to store food and other household items.

  1. Bring your own container

When eating out or ordering takeaway food, bring your own container for them to put the food in. The disposable plastic or Styrofoam dishes they’d give you almost never get recycled.

  1. Light a match

Unlike your standard plastic lighter, matches are eco-friendly and recyclable.

  1. Discard all your disposable cutlery and plates

Recycle all your plastic dishes and utensils and use only ceramic, glass or stainless steel ones.


  1. Use cloth diapers

Regular, store-bought diapers are an environmental disaster. They’re unrecyclable and expensive, and both you and your baby would be better of using cloth diapers. They’re washable and can help your baby stay free from diaper rashes.

Although it’s nothing life changing or drastic, these small steps put you on a great path to become a more environmentally-friendly person and do your part in protecting the environment.


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